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There has always been a battle between old and new. At RJA Cabinetry & Design we let the old time craftsmen and the new designers battle, and the result is always award winning service. We take your ideas from design to concept to great functionality for your home. The typical services:
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Services of RJA Cabinetry

Services of RJA Cabinetry

Services of RJA Cabinetry
  •  Measure: You know that napkin you were about to bring us with your drawing...well it is great for ideas, but it doesn't tell us how much space you really have. In order to maximize your investment it is crucial that we visit the space, take in the 3D perspective and measure lines that define the boundaries.

  •  Design: 30 years of exploring the nooks and crannies in thousands of Twin Cities' homes means there is nothing too challenging. We have seen and built it all. We draft on paper with pen or design on computer for a rendered view of what your home will look like.

  •  Build: We start in our mill room with the best materials. Then your wood is cut and shaped by the most advanced equipment (it's noisy, but amazing!). Once your wood is ready for assembly our craftsmen pick up the pieces and create the most solid and functional cabinets you've ever used.

  •  Finish (stain or paint): After your cabinets are assembled they are rolled into a spray booth. Here they are treated like royalty by our creative team. They are cleaned, stained and then sealed. After the finish has dried and hardened they are lightly buffed to make your cabinets sparkle.

  •  Deliver: We thought is was obvious, but our delivery is always part of the deal. We want to make sure that your products get delivered in the best possible shape. We deliver cabinets to MN, WI and IA - finished or unfinished houses - in all conditions - we've walked the plank too many times to count.

  •  Install: You can have the cabinets/countertops installed by a contractor, friend or by us. Cabinets in a level and plum house are straight forward. Trim and moldings are more difficult and require tricky cuts and angles.

  •  Refinish/Restore: If you have a broken door, scratched or warn finish we can make it new again. We don't make any money on these jobs when it is all said and done, but we like to restore what we can.
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