Design: know what you'll get before you commit

We make sure every product we construct is the best quality - and a great value. To ensure your satisfaction we go over the design with you before we select your lumber or make the first cut. Our realistic 3D designs will show you exactly what you'll get when our trucks come to deliver.
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Elka Heartwood Maple V-groove

Elka Heartwood Maple V-groove

Elka Heartwood Maple V-groove
  • Cabinetry: Do you need a new kitchen, bathroom, bar, office or built-in? It is easy to assume that all cabinets are created equal when you're looking at brochures. The look of the cabinet is part of it, but function is the part that will keep you bragging about your cabinets!

    Countertops: Granite, solid-surface, laminate, wood. The easy and cheapest way to get a new kitchen is to upgrade the countertops. This can change the look, feel and perception of a kitchen, bathroom or bar.

    Furniture Accents: Custom arches, range hoods, center islands, claw feet, moldings, wine racks, etc.The reason your house will stand out is because of these unique details. Adding just a few will make a difference.

    Hardware: We like things to work flawlessly so we buy the best hinges, drawer slides and hardware. You can hand pick your knobs, handles and other hardware needs in our showroom.

    Passage/Entry Doors: A growing trend is to have a solid core door for entry and passage that matches the styling of the rest of the house. We have built a lot of mission (Arts & Crafts) style passage doors lately. Maybe you need a door to fit the style and scale - we can custom build to your need.

    Vanity: Until recently the batroom cabinet was there to hide the plumbing. To us it seemed like a waste to have all of that space and not be able to use it. So we designed new styles and features to make your bathroom function like a machanics garage. Everything has a place so when you're done in the morning you won't have a mess. Did we mention that these vanities are also a work of art?

    Trim/Moldings/Paneling/Ceilings: We get asked a lot if we can provide moldings and trim. Yes, we can. We have our own molding machines so we can create your molding in any species of wood. We also make and install wainscoting, ceiling panels, wall panels, toe kick and much more. The best part about getting these from us is that they will match color and profile.
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